T.R.M. Lumber.

307-343-4936 -or- TRM_lumber@rock.com

The Best in the West!

How to buy

How to buy:

Just simply call, e-mail or stop by with the following info:

1. The dimension of lumber you are purchasing (i.e. 2x4x8' or 6x6x8').

2. The amount of lumber you are purchasing (i.e. 25 sticks).

3. Address for billing & shipping if applicable (pick-up's are welcome).

4. A valid e-mail address to which we can send payment instructions.

5. Any special requests or comments you may have.

Please call (307) 343-4936 -or- E mail TRM_lumber@rock.com to place orders. You may also swing by our place of business just give us a call for directions and scheduling.

All orders may require lead times of up to 4 weeks for milling and inspection prior to shipment. Orders are not processed until payment is received.

All orders are subject to Wyoming sales tax of 6% unless you are exempt.

Thanks for your order we appreciate your business!  T.R.M.

 Come back soon...


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